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480 1kg
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Traditional chicken pie Traditional chicken pie
Traditional chicken pie
480 1kg
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Salmon & spinach
Salmon & spinach
760 1kg
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Spinach & feta Spinach & feta
Spinach & feta
480 1kg
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Vegetables & feta Vegetables & feta
Vegetables & feta
440 1kg
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Turkey & prune Turkey & prune
Turkey & prune
480 1kg
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Potatoes & mushrooms Potatoes & mushrooms
Potatoes & mushrooms
320 1kg
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Green onion & egg Green onion & egg
Green onion & egg
320 1kg
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Lamb & carrot Lamb & carrot
Lamb & carrot
480 1kg
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Cabbage Cabbage
320 1kg
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Mozzarella and tomatoes Mozzarella and tomatoes
Mozzarella and tomatoes
440 1kg
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Get the 5th pie as a birthday gift
The offer is valid a week before and after the birthday if there is a supporting document
Клуб любителей пирогов
Пироги в подарок
Бонусная система
Accumulate 10 pies or 5 orders - get a pie with apple and cinnamon or potatoes and mushrooms as a gift!
Participation in the system saves time with future orders
Пироги на день рождения
Order from 4 birthday pies and get a pie as a gift!
The offer is valid a week before and after the birthday if there is a supporting document
Часовые интервалы доставки пирогов
Интервалы доставки
We will deliver the pies within the chosen interval. For example, from 10 to 11 am
Бесплатная доставка пирогов
Free delivery
You get free delivery if order 10 pies or more
Дальняя доставка пирогов
Delivery outside the city
The cost of delivery outside the city can be clarified
Заказ пирогов с доставкой
Make your order before 22:00 and we will bake any pies specially for you
Заказ пирогов на сегодня
If you order not beforehand some pies may not be available. We will be happy to offer alternative options to make you satisfied
Сколько пирогов заказать?
Вес и размер пирога Количество кусочков в пироге
Сколько пирогов заказать?
Безналичная оплата пирогов
Юр. лица
Legal entities can pay by Bank transfer
Оплата пирогов наличными
Please note that payment is only possible in cash upon delivery. By credit card you can pay at the bar only on the day of delivery
Nikolay Andreevich Peregudov was born on January 31, 1930, in Moscow on a cold, wintry day
Nikolay’s parents were well-educated, hard-working people. His mother, Vera Anatolievna, was a soloist in the Gosteleradio Choir and an excellent piano player. His father, Andrey Dmitrievich, was a talented artist and a good violin player. Nikolay and his older sister Nina grew up in an artistic environment, surrounded by bright, talented people. To learn more
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